How A Basement Remodel Can Improve Your Life

When you think of life improvement, you might consider reading an inspiring novel, embarking on a new career, or bettering your health with diet and exercise. But, have you considered how much fun and enjoyment a basement remodel can add to your home life? Having your basement renovated by a professional contractor can increase your property value, provide you and your guests more privacy, and give you the extra space you’ve been dreaming of. Plus, like many basements in Chicago, most of these downstairs rooms are forgotten, cold, dark, and used mostly for storage. So, taking a dull and almost depressing space and transforming it into something new can improve your life! Let’s check out some of the top ideas:

Basement Remodel Ideas

Every homeowner has a different idea of what their dream basement remodel consists of. Here are the top requests we get from Chicago homeowners:

  1. Family room – Having a space downstairs for family entertainment is on the top of the list. Instead of having the TV and video games upstairs, having a separate family room is wonderful. It keeps the clutter contained and the family together. And if you have enough space, add a ping-pong table or pool table for extra fun.
  2. Laundry room – Surprisingly, one of the most popular items in a basement remodel is a laundry room. If you’ve ever had to go into a freezing garage during the winter to do the wash, you’ll want a warm, cozy, and clean laundry in your basement. Go the extra step to have tile installed. It looks great and makes the space easy to keep clean.
  3. Fireplace – Nothing makes a cold winter night more enjoyable than a toasty fire. And rather than having a wood-burning stove, a popular option is an energy-efficient electric fireplace. With that as the focal point of the room, you can create a comfortable entertainment area, study, or gathering space for your family.
  4. Home Office – More and more people in Chicagoland, are working from home. And if they have a regular job, it’s not uncommon to telecommute a few days a week. Having a home office downstairs is brilliant. You have the convenience of being at home without the distractions. It’s essential to plan out what you need as far as internet connections and wiring so that when the room is complete, you’re ready to work right away.
  5. Extra Bedroom – Having an additional bedroom with a full bathroom or even a mother-in-law suite is another popular choice. What’s great about having it in the basement is that you and your guests will still have the privacy you need.

Other Tips For a Successful Basement Remodel

Here are a few other pointers to make sure your remodel is successful.

Stair padding: This is an especially important point if you have kids. Make sure the contractor puts thick padding on the stairs.

You don’t want to be distracted by people running up and down.

Insulation: Have high-quality insulation installed. That will keep the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Lighting: Most basements are short on natural light, so it’s extra essential to make sure you have enough lighting. Recessed lights work well and look modern.

Permits: Never cut costs by avoiding getting the proper permits. If you make unpermitted improvements like an extra bedroom or bathroom, when you go to sell, you won’t be able to count them since they weren’t permitted.

Budget: The cost of a basement remodel varies depending on the number of square feet and the type of room you want. It’s smart to have a budget in mind and then talk to a contractor. An experienced local builder can give you tips and ideas you might not have thought of to make your budget go farther.

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