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General Remodeling houseReady to give your home a fresh new update?

KSN Construction is the premier provider of general remodeling services in the greater Northwest Chicago area. With over 20 years of serving the greater Rolling Meadows area, KSN Construction can transform the look of your home with interior and exterior remodeling.

KSN Construction is the preferred provider of residential and commercial construction services in the Cook County area, with a particular emphasis on interior and exterior remodeling. Our friendly general contractors can turn that drab kitchen into a gleaming masterpiece, and that dank, ugly basement into a fun area your family will love.

Remodeling involves a complete makeover of the space in which you live so it is adjusted to your taste in the best possible way. That means maximum functionality, maximizing its spatial capacities and being comfortable for everyday living. In order to remodel and adapt the living space, we perform all types of construction and installation work.

basement drywall tapingApplying a new layout and giving your space a look that best suits your needs starts with masonry work and building of partition walls. We build any type of partition walls, glass, drywall, timber etc.. At your request we plan and execute works with great dedication to every detail. Interior design and construction are planned taking all the client’s wishes into account..

Properly installing and connecting all the devices in your home and layout that best suits your day-to-day functioning are important issues when planning renovations.

Installations: Where and how the installations will be placed depends on the size of the space, layout and your needs. Based on these parameters, a detailed layout of the elements is made.

Plumbing: includes replacement of the complete water supply network, installation of sanitary parts (shower, toilet, sink, etc.). Electrical installations include partial or complete replacement of electrical installations, new switches, sockets, fuse boards and the like. These types of work and projects require high responsibility and expertise in the execution, a detailed plan of all the distribution cables for each device in order to put the sockets, switches and the like in the right place.

Waterproofing is insulation from water and moisture, which must be installed properly and structurally in order to protect in advance from possible moisture. In the apartment, the bathroom and kitchen are rooms where waterproofing is more than necessary due to daily use of water.

Flooring: The last stage of the renovation is to cover the floors. Depending on the wishes of our customers, the entire existing floor can be replaced with any of the numerous available options, numerous types of tiles, hardwood flooring etc… The type of flooring depends on your needs and we will be happy to help you decide what best suits them.

after kitchen renovation remodelingTiles, be it in the kitchen, bathroom or any other space are installed by our skillful craftsmen tiles are made of The most durable materials, like ceramic and granite tiles. They are used in bathrooms and kitchens. They have high resistance to moisture, water, temperatures, low and high, so they can also be used for the external surfaces like terraces, stairs, etc. We can talk about tile selection for days, but the most important thing is that they fit into your taste, both in quality and design. There are so many choices in colors, sizes and patterns, materials that give you countless options in planning the look of these rooms and spaces.

Even if you want to make just some alterations in your home we are ideal partner for that task. Just some of the services we provide are:

  • building partition walls
  • plastering works
  • windows and doors installation
  • flooring
  • plumbing
  • electrical installation
  • waterproofing
  • ceramic works
  • painting and decoration
    etc …

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