Bathroom remodeling Northbrook, IL

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    If there is enough room in bathroom, the most comfortable solution is to have both shower and bathtub. For fast life style, shower is essential, but when you want to relax after long day work, or just have small kids in the house, than bathtub is a must. Jacuzzi brings luxury into your life, a spa at your service, anytime for you and your loved ones.

    Twin vanity sink is a great value in morning chaotic routine before both of you run out to work. Black wood cabinet with drawers and additional space to place all things you might need and to keep vanity clear and neat. Additional electrical installations are done to place handy electrical inlets near vanity sink to make more comfortable use of water floss, electric shaver etc.

    Floor and shower bench heating was implemented in the bathroom. Pleasant warm feeling surrounding your bare feet while entering and using your private spa, even more appealing when there is snow or frost outside the house in winter period.


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