Modern Basement Fireplace Remodeling

Modern Basement Fireplace Remodeling, Chicagoland area

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    If you live in the Chicagoland area, then you know how depressing and cold winters can get. Why not spend them next to a cozy fireplace and make your evenings warm and enjoyable. In the past, fireplaces required lots of work, carrying wood and cleaning up ash. But modern electric furnaces remove the hassle while providing all the comfort and enjoyment of a fire.

    This short video shows a remodeled basement. We took a dark and unused space and transformed it into a light, clean, modern room with a beautiful fireplace. This basement has gone through a full remake, including demolishing the walls, installing new wall framing, and adding high-quality insulation. Proper insulation is essential to keep the temperature comfortable in any season. And to make sure there’s not excess noise going up and down the stairs, we put in extra padding adding soft cushioning.


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