Basement remodeling Bartlett, IL

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    Turn your basement into living quarters. Some people like to have carpeted floors, which makes a warm atmosphere, others like to have tiled floors easy for cleaning. Disadvantage of later is they can be cold. That is why we install heated floor system. There are many different options for heated floors: use of heat cables, heat mesh, heating systems with temperature sensors, remote Wi-Fi control or traditional standard thermostat on the wall where you can set your own temperature set-point.

    You can choose from a range of tiles. Here on photos you can see the Luxury Vinyl Plank Floor – with foam back that we choose with the client. Many customers decide to go with laminate pergo floor as well. You can also see the process of heating and cabinet installation, and the change of nice black quartz countertop provides to the final look of the space. 



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